Not exactly sure where to start. So much has happened in the month I've  been absent from my blog. A lot of good, some bad, some just....meh. I have several drafted posts that were never published. I had a really hard time expressing myself publicly through writing. I also question the entegrity of blogging these days. But I'm not going to start in on that subject. I really need to get over it and continue to do what I do here.

I was in a serious funk. Dealing with several issues within my family, having my papa pass away, unsure of who I am in the social media network and what I want out of Life.Love.Paper.

I have been busy designing and working. That's the good. You can find the majority of my work throughout Studio Calico. From stamps to papers to PL cards and photo styling. It's fun and I can't complain.

My own brand is lacking though and that makes me feel like shit. Especially when I see so many others do so well in this market. But I know it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. I have a hard time consistently feeding social media outlets with ads of "what's new" and "what's to come" and I feel as though that maybe my demise?

I know I've gone in a direction that doesn't suit me. I'm focusing too much on keeping up with the Joneses rather than doing what I LOVE MOST and that has made me really unhappy. It puts me in neutral when I'm comparing myself to these successful makers. But then it also fuels me. Inspiration is a great thing. Pinterest, blogs,'s all good but it can really overwhelm you. I think I got sort of scatter brained and started working on things that made no sense to Life.Love.Paper. I wasted my time trying to come up with the biggest and best and new and that's just silly. I lost my focus of keeping things simple and producing items that I love.

I feel renewed having just returned from a Portland. Man, what an inspiring city. Closing the browser and seeking inspiration in beautiful surroundings.Being taken out of your  everyday routine.  That is the best medicine for a struggling creative and it's just what I needed. Add in a creative, like-minded friend and some REALLY GOOD food + coffee and call it good times.

Jamaica and I hopped from shop to shop, collecting fodder and ideas and laughs. So good. I'll post more on our trip but wanted to sort of get back in the routine of blogging.

I'm here. Ready to take on the world again. XOT