Instagram love//NSS

Having serious FOMO feelings about NSS 2015. It's been a long time to dream to attend NSS and every year I tell myself I'm going to go and every year it never works out. 

Until then, I'll just have to live it through my IG feed. Here are some of my favorites. 

Yellow Owl Workshop has been a long time favorite and it looks as though they've done something a bit fresher this year. It almost reminds me of flipping through the pages of Mike Perry's books. 

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG love | NSS

Loving the overlapping of vivid colors. The way 2 colors are layered to produce another color is a technique on my list of things to try. Too cool. 

Oh Heiday is a new one for me. Really loving her prints and color palette. 

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG Love | NSS

Another new for me is Paula & Waffle. I first noticed her mailer on another IG account and fell in love with her sweet illustrations. 

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG Love  | NSS

Idlewild Co's booth looked amazing! I love that raw wood with the mixed frames + prints. Wish I could have seen in IRL.

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS

My last pick is Hello Lucky. I've always been drawn to their greeting card style, such happy colors and illustrations!

LLP blog | IG Love | NSS
LLP blog | IG Love | NSS

So many pretty and inspiring things! I could post many more but I leave it at this for now. :)

Yellow Owl Workshop   Blog | Instagram
Oh Heiday   Blog | Instagram
Paula & Waffle   Blog | Instagram 
Idlewild Co   Blog | Instagram
Hello Lucky   Blog | Instagram

Instagram love//the doers

Instagram has changed so many things, like where I draw inspiration from and my blogging routine which is nonexistent at this point. 

So many times, I've come across an IG photo that makes me say "yes! I'm ready to take on the day!" or "I've got this" or "yeah, this is pretty amazing…now go make something". 

I'm dedicating today's Instagram Love to the doers. There are many I follow but I'm going to start out small and pick two of my favorite photos from last week. 

LLP blog | IG Love | @nicolereaves

Setting goals is a surefire way to get to where you need/want to be. I came across Nicole Reaves' photo and was blown away by her handmade list. In fact, I want one for myself. I don't know if I could or want to make 50 layouts but damn, she does and she's going after that goal by tracking it ever 

so creatively. I'm totally going to bite off her little bingo style way of tracking. Genius Nicole, effing genius. (can you please make a digi version, pretty please???)

So Nicole being my go getter inspiration, Natalie Mutrux is my artistic, "go f*cking make something" inspiration. 

LLP blog | Instagram Love | @nattymutrux

Check out these sweet itty bitty collages. She produces a collage each day for 100 days and she uses this hashtag, #doitfortheprocess. Man, I love that SO much. I'm a huge fan of the process but she actually finishes and I want to get there myself. Each night I do something creative (away from my computer) but to actually finish something is a bit of a reach. So heres to Natalie for creating (and finishing) a beautiful collage each day. 

Nicole Reaves  Blog | Instagram
Natalie Mutrux  Blog | Instagram



It's 6:30 am on Sunday morning. What? Who gets up this early on Sunday? Well my husband for one. He's been working Sundays for several years now which at times sucks but hey, it's life and he's keeping it real. Love that man. So when I heard him getting ready, I thought I would wake up myself to get some things done before the other guy got up who is by the way, POOPED from last night birthday festivities. I sometimes find myself out of place in social settings. Tyler forces me out of my comfort zone so now when we're invited to numerous kid's birthday parties, I of course go. Mainly for him and cake but mostly for him. As he zips through every square inch of my friend's home and makes new friends, I'm left to converse with the other mommies. Oh the exciting things we talk about as moms. We had a thorough discussion on whose kid napped the least that day. Tyler always gets the "omg, how old is he? he's huge!". I really enjoyed myself though, even after a couple of meltdowns. What's nice about being with other moms of young kids is that they get the "meltdown".  I just look at the other moms and we shrug and smile in unison as we try to calm our kids down from whatever has gotten them upset.

Lot's of new things on the horizon. I know I say that a lot, probably prematurely sometimes. But there are really new things going on and if you follow me on Instagram, you got a tiny peek of one of those exciting things. I know, I'm being really cryptic and it's been hard not to reveal the full story but it'll happen in the next week. :)

I'm also working on my last stamp design for the upcoming Life.Love.Paper shop. Not only will there be new stamps but a sort of holiday collection. No, not a kit...just something to enhance whatever project you're planning on doing for the holidays. There will be several screen printed items as well as an exclusive stamp. These are things that inspire me most around the holidays. Snowy trees, twinkle lights. This will also happen in the upcoming week. If you're a newsletter subscriber, you'll be the first to know.

Other exciting news is Liz's big move over to The Lily Pad. She debuted her first collection there last week called Is It Friday Yet? Loved all the digital elements in this kit.


Well, I think I need to put a fresh pot of coffee on. I'm going to need it. Happy Sunday! XOT

current life cycle

Another work week down. Another goal accomplished. Several more to go. ETA on the launch of LifeLovePaper + LifeLoveBaby Etsy shop should be sometime next week. Still taking pre-orders on 2012 Girl Loves Polaroid calendars!

Happy Weekend! xot.

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