Create your transparencies

Happy Wednesday yo! The sun is finally out after weeks and weeks of rain, gray clouds, fog and snow. Yes, snow. It was gone within a few days but still, snow in September? Not cool.This marks the "get my sh*t together for the long winter" rush. I'm out and about trying to find the perfect jacket and boots when really I should be getting my snow tires on. My priorities seem to be off at times people, I'm fully aware of this. At least I've got the kiddo's winter gear, that was simple. They make such cute stuff for little people.

Besides moaning and groaning about the upcoming winter, I've been busy with projects and deadlines. You know, the yoush. (how the eff do you spell that? short for usual) I've got a cool tutorial on the Studio Calico blog today. I work a lot with transparencies since I use them to burn my screens for printing. I made a batch of these years ago for a Dare swap and never thought twice about making them for my Project Life album until I started messing around the SC digital brush stamps. They're fun to create and trust me, they get addicting. My advice to you is to fill up that sheet as much as possible because they're not cheap. They run about $60-$80 for a pack at my local office supply store up here. I found a great source online through Amazon because I use them so often. You can find them here. Of course you may not need 100 of them but still, you can't beat the cost.

Hey look, an actual PL page! And you thought it was a myth. Ha! (Girl print by Jamaicamakes & Gold amp on chipboard by Life.Love.Paper)

My PL is boring compared to what I see out there and I'm totally fine with that. I lost site of what this project was suppose to be about and now I've simplified it even further. I just grab a precut card, staple a journal spot, sometimes date it and insert it in a pocket. Done. Then I print photos at the end of the week and insert those. I'm not going to worry about exact dates or completing full weeks. I'm still pondering on doing this for 2013. If I do, it'll definitely be smaller. I'm not into this huge 12x12 binder. I need something more portable like the new SC Handbook.

Well, I've got some finger painting to do with the little man. XOT